Lululemon Boxing Day Post-Christmas Sale 2024 – the best deals

The curtains are finally dropping on the biggest discounts of the year – the Lululemon Boxing Day sale, a post-Christmas event, brings you up to 50% off on athleisure for women in Hong Kong.

Lululemon Sale is a rare event that almost never happens and whenever it does, we are right there holding the front row seats for you!

The holidays are fast approaching and the end of the year is an impeccable time for the retailing stores to shed some overly stocked product lines. Lululemon hides it cleverly under the ‘we made it too much’ sale, however, the actual savings are dished out post-Christmas Lululemon boxing day sale.

Starting from December 26th, the Lululemon Boxing Day sale extends all the way to the first week of January. If you don’t want to wait for this inarguably amazing Lululemon HK sale, which won’t happen for another year, we suggest you start warming up.

Because the stocks will run out quicker than your ex’s love for you, it’s harsh but true.

lululemon boxing day port christmas sale hk

With the ever-evolving array of activewear, hottest leggings, chafe-free bras, cozy men’s hoodies, and more, the special sale prices will make you jump out of your seats. But when you already know what you want the most, it will be efficient for you to grab the deals early.

To save you from the pain of wanting everything and ending up with nothing, we have discerned some of the most coveted men’s and women’s athleticwear. The fiery combo of post-Lululemon Christmas sale discounts and these designs will definitely get you cracking on the cart.

Our Most-Popular Lululemon Boxing Day after-Christmas sale picks

Although you’ll never get enough of the lululemon products, we have listed down the best of the ‘we made too much’ section for you. Get on your merry shopping way with this check-list and we promise you some of the greatest picks from the Lululemon Boxing Day sale:

Lululemon leggings on Sale

Lululemon we made too much sale
Leggings On sale – Lululemon HK

Designed exclusively for training with abrasion-resistant fabric, these sleek training tights are everything you need for intense workouts. You’ll find high-rise Align pants, leggings with pockets, and Wunder Under tights on sale are some of the favorite picks to give your wardrobe a refreshing makeover.

Lululemon shorts Boxing Day After Christmas Sale

Lululemon boxing day after Christmas sale
Lululemon sale on shorts

the stretch-friendly design, quick dry feature, and lightweight fabric make Lululemon shorts suitable for runners approved by the runners. Forget adjusting your shorts every minute whenever you are out for a longer run with these outstanding choices. Mark, your favs to make well of Lululemon sale after Christmas.

Lululemon Outerwear Sale – Jackets and Coats Promotions

Lululemon Boxing day sale 2022
Lululemon Jackets Sale 2024

Puffer jackets and coats are the absolute essentials for layering in chilling cold weather. The cozy feel with the lightweight material and stunning looks will make it the go-to outfit for any outdoor activity while keeping you dry in the snow. These jackets are too hard to keep away from under the Lululemon Boxing Day after-Christmas sale markdowns!

Lululemon bra Sale Post-Christmas

Lululemon Boxing day sale on bras
Sports Bras by Lululemon HK

There’s no support as unconditional as the Lululemon sports bras! Keeping comfort and flexibility in mind, Lululemon bras were engineered for low-impact activities like yoga training. The Luxtereme and breathable fabric with the sweat-wicking feature are the highlights of these bras. There is the Lululemon bra size chart to help you choose between XXS to 3XL and a range of Asia Fit bras for a more customized feel. The Lululemon boxing day sale discount goes beyond 50% on these picks.

Lululemon backpack on sale in Hong Kong

Lululemon post-Christmas sale
Backpacks on Sale – Lululemon HK

The Lululemon bags are the highlight of any outfit whether you are out for an adventure or a workout! These bags are easy-to-carry with water-repellent fabrics, and expandable pockets and comfortable straps make them a great choice for those who are always on the move. You can nab any of these coveted colors and designs at a discount of 40% at the least if you wait for the Lululemon Boxing Day after-Christmas sale.

Lululemon tops – After Christmas Sale Price

Lululemon hoodies sale
Jackets and Hoodies for women on sale

Looking cool and comfy at the same time is completely effortless even during the most aggressive workouts! Lululemon long-sleeve, short-sleeve, and tank tops collections have breezy options on sale with discounts of 40-50% off. These tops are available under the Lululemon boxing day sale markdowns that will go live around Christmas 2024.

Lululemon hoodies on sale – Boxing Day 2024

Lululemon Boxing day sale
Lululemon Sale on Tops 2024

Thanks to the fuzz soft and classic fit, Lululemon hoodies, and sweaters on sale are the user’s favorite delight. During the Lululemon Boxing Day after-Christmas sale, you’ll find half-zipped hoodies, oversized crews, fleece zip-ups, and cropped hoodies at a discount of 20-30% OFF.

Come on, take your pick!

This better keeps you on your toes and your eyes on the sale prices! The chance of Lululemon going on sale anytime soon is as impossible as the sun rising in the west.

So only an apocalypse should make you miss these Lululemon Boxing day deals.

Are Lululemon joggers worth it?

The seamless fit, sweat-absorbent design, trendy looks, and breathable material definitely make Lululemon joggers for women worthwhile. They perform really well for shorter and casual runs. Lululemon ABC joggers are the best-rated for men as they offer breathing room for men’s thighs and glutes. The design of these joggers will keep you dry throughout your athletic rendezvous and you can get them at a discount during the Lululemon Post-Christmas sale.

What day of the week does Lululemon put stuff on sale?

Well, it is a lesser-known fact that Lululemon offers discounts on its in-store and online stocks every Thursday morning. That’s right! The Lululemon sale is widely known as the “We Made Too Much”. Basically, you can look for that seamless pair of Lululemon align pants online every Thursday between 11 a.m. and noon EST and mid-morning in Lululemon offline stores. If you’re unable to find it there, the Lululemon boxing day post-Christmas sale is not far away, try your luck!

Does Lululemon have plus-size clothing?

Lululemon plus-size clothing has made it easier for curvy women to find quality gym and yoga wear that is comfy on the inside and looks trendy on the outside. Women can find plus-sized Lululemon leggings, jackets, pants, high-rise pants, tights, sports bras, and more in sizes 16-20. The Lululemon boxing day plus-size post-Christmas sale will help you pick some of the greatest gems at half of their original retail prices.